Wedding Dress Styles

Princess Wedding Dress

The princess wedding dress has vertical fitted seams from shoulders down to a flair skirt with no seam across the waistline. The skirt is an elegant and flattering A-line.

The A-line is flattering because it is a forgiving style and it enhances a small waist while it hides broad hips. To create a fuller look a hooped petticoat can be worn beneath the skirt.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

If you feel your hips are too wide this could be the perfect dress for you. This style also goes by the name “fairy-tale” because of its resemblance to the dress Cinderella wore to her fateful ball. The main difference between the ball gown wedding dress and the princess wedding dress is the way the seams run. Ball gown dresses have horizontal seams at the waistline and at this point the skirt becomes fuller.

Sheath Wedding Dress

Another name for this style of wedding dress is “column wedding dress”. The sheath wedding dress is usually body-hugging and revealing. The style is perfect for tall, slim brides with a well-proportioned figure.

Empire Wedding Dress

For small-busted women this is the ideal dress because it has a high waistline with the seam just under the bust. The empire line is straighter than the princess line but hugs the body less. This style is excellent for petite brides.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

The “trumpet wedding dress” is another name for this style because of the trumpet shape. The style is gaining in popularity and suits slim, tall and elegant brides. If you believe you do not have the “perfect” figure then avoid the mermaid wedding dress.

Allow us to help you choose the perfect wedding dress for the perfect day. We are here to guide you!

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