Wedding Dress Buying Tips

Guidelines on how to buy your wedding gown:

  1. Set up a budget. Know your budget, and don’t try on wedding gowns that are out of your budget as you will only let yourself down as well as adding a lot of pressure to your decision.
  2. Decide on what style you want.  The internet offers a lot of ideas as to the type of gown that you are envisioning.  Take into account the location and the time of the ceremony.  Make certain your wedding gown corresponds well with your other plans.
  3. Start as early as possible.  Once the wedding date is set, start on your search for your wedding gown.
  4. Find and compare bridal salons.
  5. Make appointments.  Be sure to set up a meeting with the establishment that you are interested with and discuss with their designer your ideal wedding gown so she too, could have an idea what you are looking for.  Listen too, to her suggestions.
  6. Have your measurements taken.  Don’t do the measurements yourself.  Go to your bridal salon and let them take it for you.  This will ensure precise measurements that will lead to a perfect fit.
  7. Look at swatches.  It is important that you know and feel the texture and the actual color of the fabric that will become your wedding gown.  Swatches will be helpful in making your decision for a gown much easier.
  8. Consider the rear view design of the gown.  Your guests will be spending a lot of time looking at your back as the ceremony goes on.  When looking through designs, take into account the wedding gown design at the back that it should be as flattering as the front.
  9. Bring a friend along.  She can give you her honest opinion as to whether the style and design of your choice is perfect or alterations needs to be done; also how the dress looks like at different angles.
  10. Consider comfort.  You will be wearing the gown for at least eight hours, so it is important that the gown should feel comfortable.  When trying it on, bend over, sit down, stand up, walk and dance to make sure that you can move with ease in your wedding gown.
  11. Relax and enjoy.  Allow the people at the bridal salon to pamper you in every way.  Enjoy the thrill and theexcitement of shopping for your wedding gown and of the thought that you will soon be marrying the person that you love.

Be cautious of:

  1. Anybody who would insist on shipping your wedding gown to you.  You have very little remedy or none at all, should anything go wrong. The price that you will be paying for alterations may be more than the discount that was given to you when they sent you the gown.
  2. Anybody that is suggesting that you should “do the footwork”.  It is best that you shop somewhere else.
  3. Anybody who would require a full payment for your gown before it’s done.
  4. It is always safe that you buy or order your wedding gown at the same shop that you selected it.  There are many full service bridal stores that will cater to all your needs and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Your wedding gown is very important.  Don’t take chances.

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